Persuasive adverts, persuasive postcards, tag rugby, holy cross science day and much more:

It’s been a busy week in year 5. We’ve been up to Holy Cross for a science day where we got to do exciting experiments that caused fizzes and explosions! It was really fun.

We also took part in the Tag Rugby competition run by Chorley Panthers who have been coming into school each Friday for the past 5 weeks to teach us the rules and how to play. We enjoyed the competition, even though it was really hot and exhausting. In the end we came second in our group and 5th overall.

In literacy we have put the finishing touches to our ‘African Appeal’ persuasive advert. We used the persuasive techniques we have learned from studying adverts and posters to help write the advert and then used our keyboard skills from music lessons to create a solemn background music to accompany the advert. There’s one below if you want to watch it (make sure you’re sound is turned up!) We also create some persuasive postcards, like the ones you sometimes get through the post or in church that ask you to donate money. We used lots of persuasive techniques to reinforce the message.

Finally, in maths we have looked at designing enclosures for the dinosaurs at Jurassic World, working out the area and doing plan views of the park. We have also looked at Roman numerals. They are hard to work out sometimes!