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Parent Workshops

At St Joseph's, we are a close community and we know that 'it takes a village to raise a child'.

During the infamous lockdown periods we saw what an amazing difference it made when we all worked together to deliver the very best education for our children, both at home and at school.

We are committed to continuing and developing this partnership by welcoming our parents and families into school as volunteers, as visitors to the Throne of Words or to share their expertise during Building the Kingdom. 

A crucial aspect of how we work together is through supporting our families to enhance learning at home.

Each half term, we offer workshops for parents in a variety of curriculum areas so that our parents are fully aware of what their children are being taught and how they can support and encourage learning at home.

Our next workshop, in the first half of Autumn 2022, will be on the teaching of Phonics and Early Reading. This will be followed in Autumn 2 by a workshop on the use and impact of Social Media and Technology. As we progress into 2023, all of our families are welcome to join us for workshops on Mathematics, Outdoor Learning, Writing for Pleasure and much more!

Dates will be shared in early September.  

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