Birkacre Class ‘Mother’s Day’ Assembly March 2014

Heapey Class ‘Manners’ Assembly March 2014

Yarrow Class ‘Remembrance’ Assembly November 2013

Yarrow Class presented their Remembrance assembly to the whole school, parents and Governors. Following their trip to the Lancashire Museum, the theme was memories of war. We considered who we remember, why we remember them and how they are remembered in different ways on Armistace Day and by the placing of Memorials.

The children’s letters were dramatised – a letter from and to a serving WWI soldier. Poems were read, ‘Flauders Field’ and prayers were said for all those involved in the fight for freedom and peace. The class’s handmade poppy wreath was place on the focus area whilst we prayed the eternal rest.

Duxbury Class ‘Families’ Assembly October 2013

Duxbury Class worked hard to prepare their assembly which focused on Families. Through discussion, scripture, role play and song, the children learnt to recognise and talk about the love of our families at home and in school and the love of God. They know that our families love us and they know that God loves us because they learnt about it when reading the Thanksgiving Psalm 28:6-8. Then the children wrote their own psalms which they shared during the assembly. The children were well supported by parents and friends of the school who came to enjoy the performance. Well done Duxbury Class!

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