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Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?

This is funding given to schools for every child who has free school meals. The government provides this funding because it believes there is a strong link between the financial background of families and their children’s achievement.

How does the school access the money?

School completes a census several times a year based on details provided by parents indicating how many children have free school meals. The funding is multiplied by the number of children.

How can I find out if my child is eligible for free school meals and the Pupil Premium?

If you feel that your child may be eligible for Free School Meals, it is important to register for their entitlement as soon as possible. The school office is able to provide all the necessary information and give you the form to complete. The school newsletter also provides links to the relevant site to register.

If your child is currently in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 and having a school meal through the government's KS1 Free School Meals Entitlement, it is still important to register for the Free School Meals/Pupil Premium benefit if you think your child may be eligible. For more information about eligibility or how to apply please visit the Lancashire County Council website or use the link below.

Lancashire County Council-register for entitlement.


Can my child still benefit from the Pupil Premium even if they are on packed lunches?

If your family is eligible for free school meals but your child chooses to have packed lunches, school will still receive the Pupil Premium funding.

Will my child lose the Pupil Premium funding if they stop having free school meals?

No, the school continues to receive the funding for 6 years. This is called EVER6 funding. If your child moves onto high school in that time, the high school would receive the continued funding.

What is the Pupil Premium spent on?

Schools have the freedom to decide what the funding is spent on as different schools receive different amounts. The only criterion is that it impacts upon the achievement of those children and enables them to succeed in the same way as other children. Ofsted will check on the impact of the funding on the progress of these children.

How has St. Joseph’s Primary spent its Pupil Premium funding in the last academic year?

The details of how, and on what the Pupil Premium funding has been spent on each year, can be found in our pupil premium strategy for each academic year: 

Pupil Premium

This past year, spending has looked a little different due to the Covid crisis. Here's a brief summary:

SUMMARY: Due to COVID-19 and school closure from 20th March 2020 until full reopening in September 2020, we are unable to provide data for the outcomes at the end of the year. Before lockdown in March 2020 the data showed that the vast majority of children were on track to meet the targets set and by March, had made good progress, particularly in reading, writing and mathematics, from their starting points in September. Children had made progress in their well-being and personal development supported by the Pupil and Family Support Worker and also through sessions with the school counsellor. TA interventions also included support around nurturing and friendship groups. The impact of the spending on additional hours for the Pupil and Family Support worker was invaluable during lockdown. All vulnerable families that were not in school were contacted 2/3 times a week to check in with them. Support was offered over the phone and contact made with external agencies for some of our families in difficult. This included:

  • Access to additional food parcels/food banks
  • Virtual nurture groups via Zoom to support some children with anxiety
  • Referrals made to CAMHS
  • Access day for all pupils for teachers to check emotional well-being.
  • Phone calls to the children to support with issues
  • Online transition for Y6 children starting high school
  • Socially distanced home visits outdoors for those families who did not engage
  • ICT equipment provided if needed.
  • Support for home learning if needed including printing off worksheets if needed and delivering to the home.
  • Access to Child and Family Well-being service-virtual support.

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