Rivington class have been very busy this week working on the topic of angles in maths and story writing in literacy. We’ve also designed our own databases in ICT!

In literacy, the children have been writing a Wild Western style narrative set in the fictional town of Carson with the fictional character of P.K. Pinkerton from our class reader: Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence. The results so far are fantastic. A special mention to Amy Lambert who won the school’s Author of the week this week from her setting description.

In maths, the children have worked on angle drawing and measuring during maths lessons this week, study what an acute, obtuse and reflex angle are, measuring and drawing them. The week ended by planning an ‘Angry Birds’ style angle maths/science investigation to see how far it was possible to launch a water bomb using just a bit of elastic and a funnel. The children decided what factors (variables) they needed to keep the same (the weight, size of the balloon) and which variable needed changing in order to test it (the angle of launch.) We found that the optimum angle for allowing the water balloon to travel the furthest was between 40-50 degrees. We then changed a different variable to see what would happen and found that the lighter, smaller balloons went the furthest at 45 degrees, one even cleared the school roof! Check out our pictures below.