Rivington Remembrance week:

A time for remembering and celebrating those that have given their lives – “For your tomorrow, we gave our today!”

In preparation for Year 5’s assembly, we have studied some classic war poetry and turned our hand to writing our own to use in our display work and for our assembly which took place on Friday. We have learned why we gather together on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and what and why the ‘Last post’ is played…we even played it live at our assembly, (thanks to Mr.Walmsley.)



See the pictures from our assembly and of our version of the beautiful ‘Poppy waterfall’ designed by the creative and talented Mr. Maloney.


In topic this week, we have begun to examine the life of Queen Victoria more thoroughly and have used many skills to research her life and reign. We used geographic map skills to use a blank map to identify the countries in the British Empire; we used internet search engine skills to search specific information from her life; we used an array of library books and the contents and index to find useful information and finally we identified major changes Victoria made to British law and when these were made using a timeline. (See the pictures below.)


Science was also interesting this week as the children examined the forces behind the operation of levers. We investigated the affect the length of the lever had on the trajectory of the table tennis ball – the aim to get the ball into the container. After many attempts and many alterations there were a number of successes.

Rivington pics 3