Classic Poetry recital.

The children have this week learnt and performed a number of classic poems from our rich literary history.

First up was ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth. The children all ‘Wondered lonely as a cloud’ as they went through the process of committing the poem to memory before performing it to the rest of the class.

Next up was Marriott Edgar’s famous poem, ‘Albert and the Lion.’ The children learned individual stanzas before combining as a class to produce a class recital. The video, filmed on our new class Ipad, is available below.

In maths the children have been brushing up on their times tables knowledge by studying factors and multiples in detail before moving onto prime numbers and squared numbers. The majority of the class have great times table knowledge, but a few still need that extra practice so that they don’t fall behind.

In topic, the children have embarked on their journey to the past. They have begun to learn about the Victorian times and in particular, the Industrial revolution. They are charting their learning by making a pop up and mechanisms book which celebrates this learning. (See the pictures of our pop up book research and the first page of our own book pop up book below.)

Rivington pics 2