This week has been and action packed one in every sense of the word. We started off on Monday with a mini multi skills competition run by Mr Broomhead. We had to use our football, rugby, netball and hockey skills to earn points for our house teams.

Tuesday was the main event with junior sports day in the morning and the infants in the afternoon. The sun was shining and everyone was in a very competitive mood. By the end of the day we were all exhausted but St. Peter’s were the overall winners. These points will be added to our house point scores to see which house has won this year.

By Wednesday we needed a bit of a rest to be honest but we did spend some time finding out ways we can protect ourselves from the sun. We learnt a song called slip, slop, slop. Ask us to sing it to you. Afterschool on Wednesday Oliver Palk and George Lee competed in the school Quad Kids athletics team. Oliver was the overall 3rd best boy in Chorley and our team came second.

Thursday saw us learning from some of the British Army’s finest, doing fitness work with Ozone Fitness and we were all commando kids taking part in tug-o-war and other races and exercises.

Finally Friday came and we all needed a rest but someone had organised for us to have a taster Judo lesson. After much tugged, pulling, pushing and shoving we are all ready for the weekend and a well-deserved rest after the busiest health and fitness week ever!

What a energetic week …