This week in Rivington class, the children have been thinking persuasively! They have studied various writing techniques used by marketing companies to persuade the viewers/readers to buy a  product and then used these techniques to come up with an advert to sell a given product. The drama activities and adverts created ‘off the cuff’ were fantastic!

Next we focused on our topic of Africa and the adverts we see on TV to persuade us to give money to help the people most in need. We contrasted the two types of advert and discussed the differences. Next week we are intending to produce our own adverts complete with solemn piano accompaniment to create a rather persuasive advert for the radio.

In our topic work, we have looked at how animals are adapted to their habitats and compared the animals of Africa to the animals commonly found in England. The children have also had an art and crafts day based on the Africa topic where they created traditional Adinkra prints for clothing and silhouette pictures along with animal masks.