Mrs Crowther certainly has had us doing some strange things during the last week. She gave us all a bunch of mirrors and got us to use them to try and write backwards. Who would think a mirror could help us to write secret codes. Then she dragged us all outside to make us try and follow the trail around the playground but we were banned from looking at our feet. Just a mirror again! I mean some of us got a crick in our necks from looking up at the sky. She told us it would help us to understand reflection but we think she’s gone a little crazy.

On Friday it got worse. We had to vote on who we thought was the greatest king. Athelstan or Alfred. With names like that how could she possibly expect us to decide? However, we looked at all the historical evidence and came to the conclusion that Alfred was the greatest!

We’ve heard rumours that she is planning to team up with Mr Hansen later this week to conduct some kind of experiment for National Science Week. Oliver and Kasey heard them talking about rolling mystery tins cans down a slope! We are a little worried that she has been working too hard and it is starting to affect her brain.

Watch this space to find out exactly she has us all doing next!