It’s only Monday and we’ve packed so much in!

First off we got to spend some time talking to our friends about the books we have enjoyed over the last half term. It was great to be able to talk about the funniest books and why we liked them so much. Then it was time to find out which books we would be reading for this half term. It was quite exciting as Mrs Crowther had been out and bought 2 new sets of books for us to enjoy.

In our English lesson we got to stuff our faces with cake – all in the name of research you understand - as we are trying to write a M&S style advert for Grandma’s magic. We can’t exactly persuade people to try it if we don’t know what it tastes like ourselves!

This afternoon we have been number crunching trying to figure out when exactly did the Vikings invade Britain and what did the Anglo-Saxon kings do about it. Basically they fought a lot and someone even ended up with an arrow in his eye. All pretty gruesome if you ask us.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring but we saw Mrs Crowther walking round with pictures of footprints but we have no idea what she plans to do with them.