Out of this World!

Rivington Class blasted off to the Planetarium at Liverpool World Museum this week where they found out much more about both our own planet and the rest of the universe.


The children enjoyed the planetarium experience where they discovered that the possibility of alien life forms existing on other planets and moons was much more feasible than they had previously thought. They saw first-hand, primary sources of evidence from space such as a lump of moon rock and a space capsule. They also enjoyed watching the Tim Peak interviews filmed at the museum (and the International Space station) two years ago.


It was also a chance to look at our own planet’s history and culture as we toured the Egyptology section – even getting to see a real life mummy unbandaged. The natural history section proved of particular interest also where many species of animals and many skeletons and skins samples were viewable.


Meanwhile, at school, the children have been making scientific links when Mr.Roden posed the question, “What would happen if the Earth stopped rotating on its axis?” The consequences of one side of the planet being thrown into perpetual darkness and the other perpetual light really threw up some scientific conundrums!

  • Plants would die due to increased/decreased temperatures and inability to photosynthesize.
  • People would move from one side of the world to the other.
  • Plants dying would have a knock on effect on the food chain meaning animals would die and in turn humans!

Frightening stuff!


Check out our trip photos and more next week!